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Messung is a pioneer in industrial automation and a diversified conglomerate based in Pune, India, serving industry with a range of innovative and cost-efficient solutions.

Under the branded initiative ‘Navonmesh’, Messung is pursuing their passion for ‘Make in India’ solutions, and for developing world-class products at cost-effective rates.

The Navonmesh Technology Centre in Pune is a state-of-the-art R&D hub where technology solutions are designed and engineered for different industries, keeping end-user requirements in mind. Products are manufactured to the highest international standards to ensure world-class performance in demanding environments.

Space Planning & Interior Design | Layout, Structural, Graphic and Lighting Design | Space Branding | Project Planning and Management



Planning the space and interior design for incorporating the latest office automation systems for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Designing of wall branding and other spatial communication elements to articulate the Navonmesh vision and establish its unique brand language.

Meticulous execution with stringent Quality control for timely completion for the planned inauguration of the Centre.


The overall look and feel of the Centre conveys the professionalism and efficiency of the Navonmesh initiative. Messung now has a smart Experience Centre for its R&D, stringent testing and validation processes.

The Experience centre was designed and implemented within a short span of time to help meet business targets. The Centre also includes display & demonstration of important products so visitors can engage with the technology.