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Lemken India, is a 100% subsidiary of Lemken GmbH, the worldwide leader in agricultural implements for soil cultivation, sowing and plant protection. Lemken felt the need for an experience centre where it could showcase its corporate legacy and values, world-class technology, products and services to Indian farmers, business partners and other visitors to increase accessibility and connect.

Spatial Experience Strategy | Spatial Narrative and User Journey | Layout, Structural, Graphic and Lighting Design | Interaction Design | Project Planning and Management



To differentiate Octagon from the competition, Interics positioned it as a progressive, holistic agri-foods brand delivering high quality, pure food essentials packaged with expert care while creating collective wellbeing through the value/supply chain. Interics proposed to create the brand’s value perception by bridging the business legacy and philosophy with modern nutritional awareness and needs, in the consumer’s mind. SarvPure- Pratha Shuddhta Ki reflected the Brand Motto and guided the brand’s unique visual expression combining authenticity and rootedness with contemporary design appeal that was resonant with consumer aspirations.

At the Lemken Factory premises at Nagpur, we envisioned and delivered an exclusive Brand Experience Centre aimed at creating an immersive and educative experience for a spectrum of visitors.

The Experience Centre was conceptualised, designed and implemented within a span of just 3 months to help meet the business targets connected with recruitment and training at the centre.


Translating the brand promise of ‘Innovation to Support Collective Growth’ into a Theme to tangibilise Lemken’s belief system in agricultural performance for people and bring about a memorable experience.

Unifying the spatial elements with an impactful Design Language derived from Lemken’s visual equity and weaving these together in space based on the thematic narrative.

Mapping story-driven content in line with the defined look & feel attributes to enrich the experience and evoke specific User emotions during the journey through the centre.

The Centre included creative display of important products and spares, engaging panels displaying Lemken’s legacy of innovation, advanced technology and impressive credentials, and use of modern touch screens to make the experience more interactive.

The overall look and feel worked in synergy to promote and reinforce the Lemken brand.

The Tech Centre was executed in the committed budget and time frame in Nagpur with efficient vendor management and strict Quality control for flawless delivery.



The Spatial Brand Experience creation exercise has effectively built equity for the Lemken Brand through a clearly articulated Brand Position, and a stronger belief system that would drive the business practices in India. The overall design has brought about a future-proof identity adaptable across Brand communication platforms. With a cohesive and meaningful experiential approach at centre, Lemken successfully inspires the desirable gut feeling among their audiences and has the opportunity to build deeper relationships with stakeholders and customers for better business.