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Celebrating Indian Crafts In Contemporary Clothing

Praan:t is a fashion label and outlet in Pune that celebrates, preserves and promotes the remarkable aesthetics and craftsmanship of regional artisans across India.

For their signature store in the tony Koregaon Park of Pune, Praan:t needed to create a bespoke retail experience through space planning and decor.

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We partnered with Praan:t to shape the retail interior so that it reflects the values of the company and drives sales. We took into account several factors such as the target audience, the products sold, the brand identity and the area around the shop.


Developing an inviting customer journey through the different rooms of the bungalow. With carefully curated accent artefacts and furniture, we emphasised the founder-designer’s approach to uniqueness and craftsmanship.

Creating displays and 3D installations with different traditional textiles to highlight the label’s focus on India’s rich textile heritage.

Delivering a flawless finished retail space, from concept to commissioning, with a reliable vendor network and proven project management skills. Interics carefully sourced and sampled materials for the creative installations, and ensured high quality execution.


Interics helped shape the Praan:t boutique into a premium, niche retail space that is both cosy and chic, representing the originality and creativity of the brand. It also successfully communicates the brand’s commitment to promoting India’s textile crafts and regional artisans.